About Us

We are a small team of family-oriented cooks who believe in nature, family, health and joy of eating right. There is so much food filled with a long lists of chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors, hormones, and many other unhealthy additives.

We decided to go the other way. We created delicious, easy to prepare food for America’s fast paced life, with 100% natural, fresh ingredients. We strongly believe a few days shorter shelf-life worth your health and well being.

The idea started with the concept of offering a flavorful, healthy and easy to consume meals to busy people, who deserve fresh and delicious food choices. Today, we are proud to introduce the Veggie Pasta Burger which brings the flavors of the world for joy of good taste and health across the nation. Our delicious and easy to prepare patties come in a variety of flavor such as:

  • American
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • Mediterranean

Veggie Pasta Burger Food Company is based in Los Angeles, California.
We proudly donate a portion of our proceeds to the Red Cross to support their efforts in reserving health and well being of the public.